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Distribution Campaign

Crypto Mark (CTM) will not be sold during 2018.

They are freely given away and distributed to supporters who help build and promote the CTM community. This development increases the currency’s value and worth.

We will complete the distribution of the Crypto Mark at, or around the end of calendar year 2018.

As of February, 2018, CTM has distributed approximately 2 million (2,000,000) Crypto Marks. A budget of 15% remains set aside for administrative and developmental needs.

We will distribute approximately 68 million (68,000,000) Crypto Marks in total over the course of the year.

To qualify for  the weekly distribution, members must only complete and achieve three (3) verifiable tasks during the week:

Regular Weekly Distribution

–     A regular weekly round which will require community members to be involved with minor contributions on a daily basis.

–     Every week you are required to accomplish to the following five (5) tasks throughout the course of the week (Monday through Sunday):

  • 2 new and supportive and/or informative posts in our forum
  • 1 posts in our thread on
  • 2 other contributions on Steemit, Reddit, Medium, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or some other popular social media platform.

–     Once you have fulfilled your weekly promotional tasks, please fill in the form, which you will find below

–       The distribution amount for every week is fixed, so the total amount will be equally shared by all users which qualify for the week.

Referral System

Crypto Mark has a referral system in place:

If you motivate a new user to join and promote our success and development, you will be rewarded with an additional 35% of the Crypto Mark! This bonus will be added on top of your weekly earnings.

Once your friends and associates invite community members, rewarded with an additional 15% Crypto Marks!

This means that if you are successful in referring three (3) NEW, active members; who in turn recruit three (3) NEW, active members, you will earn 2.4 times more than you would have earned on your own (3×35% + 9×15% = 240%).

240% Referral Bonus per Week!

If you are interested in referring new users and community members to Crypto Mark, please sign up at our referral page:


After signing up you will be given the opportunity to share a personal referral link with your friends and followers through various platforms. This system will ensure a strong incentive for active account status and social interaction – it will also streamline your efforts to invite new users.

There is a strong incentive to participate in spreading the word about CTM early as well as recruiting friends and associates as soon as possible. Nonetheless, this crypto will definitely be valuable and attractive for people who join later. See the weekly interest details below.

The community-wide amount of interest per week starts at roughly 50.000 Crypto Marks and will increase to roughly 1.3 million (1,300,000) Crypto Marks in week 52 (last week of December) of 2018. However, due to community growth, the amount per user should decrease from week to week.

Support CTM early and consistently in order to take full advantage – and to reap the most reward – of this amazing crypto currency opportunity throughout the year.

Weekly interest

Additionally, supporters and account holders will earn interest every week. Interest is distributed in the form of Crypto Mark and deposited into your vesting account each week.

Generally, we will pay out all interest and every Crypto Mark you earn into your vesting account. This gives a strong incentive to keep your Crypto Mark and not trade them immediately.

Also, you will be able to view your holding/vesting account on the website at any time:

–     /en/vesting/

You are eligible to receive a pay out at any time. Send payout requests to:


Interest will start (week 1 of 52) at 25,000 Crypto Mark per week and will systematically increase to 654,000 (week 52 of 52) Crypto Mark per week. The interest will be divided and distributed relative to the amount of coins a user holds in their vesting account. Overall, 14 million Crypto Mark will be paid for interest over the course of 2018.

Special Jobs & Events

A portion of the overall volume of 28 million CTM will be used to fund special events, tasks, jobs, consultants, promotions, etc. We intend to pay people for their special knowledge, skills and abilities which might be utilized to support the successful development of CTM. Such roles might include (but are not limited to):

  • Website and forum moderators
  • Ambassadors
  • Other supportive skill sets

The total amount for funding special jobs and events is in the order of 28 million Crypto Mark.

If you are interested in becoming a moderator or ambassador – or if your special skills will, in any other way, assist with the development of Crypto Mark – feel free to notify us and explain your proposal:


What do you think about this strategy?


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