Crypto Mark (CTM) is a digital currency which is based on the Ethereum blockchain technology. It is not a legal tender.

Key details:

Technology: Ethereum ERC-20 Token

Ethereum address: 0x254e9BB84C9118D1501f0b7c45AAD6038b765735

Code: CTM

Digits: 18

Total supply: 82M coins (fixed)

The advantages of Crypto Mark

  1. The number of CTM is limited to 82 million coins, which is roughly the number of inhabitants of Germany – with its usage and ownership, of course, not being limited to Germany.
  2. More coins will not and cannot be minted. Inflation due to the government starting up the printing presses or the central bank buying government bonds is therefore impossible.
  3. The usage of the Crypto Mark is anonymous – comparable to the use of cash, which many countries worldwide try to restrict more and more.
  4. The Crypto Mark requires no banks. Transfers are possible directly from peer to peer without any intermediary being necessary.

What is the value of the Crypto Mark?

The value of every currency – also that of a crypto currency – is based on its acceptance by the people. Crypto Mark has been designed with all features necessary for a strong and stable currency.

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Where do I get the Crypto Mark?

The more people who know about and trust the Crypto Mark, the better it is for its value.
The Crypto Mark will therefore be given away for free to those people who help make it known. This can be by mentioning it on social media sites such as: Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn, Crypto currency forums, etc.
This is how we say “Thank you!” to those supporters who help to spread the news about Crypto Mark. As you help inform your friends, associates, and the world, you will simultaneously be assisting with increasing the value of the Mark.


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